Taxi Driving

Odd how some of these miraculous stories trigger a person memory. Perhaps that's why we are told to "write and record the vision" .

Well I drive taxi at one time in my many jobs I have had. I had picked up one faire and had just dropped the person off at the front doors of the hospital when dispatch called for a cab at the hospital. I called in saying I was "clear" at the hospital. At first they didn't believe me. I had to explain that yes I had indeed just dropped off the cab rider that they had given me and I was available. 
So after picking up the next rider a lady whom seemed very up set. I tried to calm her down. She began to tell me of a serious situation with her son at the hospital. That the Dr needed to know if the child had drunk something possibly poisonous at a house. I began driving to the address she wanted continuing to talk to her

It was a time in my life where what many would call a "spiritual high" well (deep subject "A") I asked her if she wanted to pray about this situation. Don't usually suggest this to passengers. But I had been doing some strange things with other individuals that I knew. Praying for them even in public. Well there were what some would call "strange things" happening.  Well this time after I prayed with the lady for her son so that "he would be well"  well what do you know when we arrived at the house (this was before cell ph "A" in Canada) she made a call to the hospital to see how her son was. The Dr told her that what ever it was the "boy is now seeming doing very well- and should be fine"  The lady was overjoyed as I drove her back to the hospital. Oddly though never did get paid for that trip though. And the dispatcher again didn't want to believe me again that I was once again back at the hospital. She kept on insisting that I couldn't have even driven from the first p/u to the hospital in the short time due to the road and traffic conditions to be there for the p/u at the hospital. And now trying to tell her that I had already done the "call" from the hospital to the lady's house and was back again at the hospital. No not possible. Well - "all things are possible to those that believe"

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