My Daddy
I was filled with the holy spirit when I was thirteen years old in a Pentecostal church twenty years ago. I knew the very moment my lips were filled with unknown languages, there WAS a God. I came home that night and my whole life was changed. But that wasn't the miracle....

At this time in my life, my mom and dad had been divorced for seven years. My mother had custody over me and I would only visit during the summer and holidays. My biological father was an alcoholic and drug-addict. He was abusive and mentally unstable. I even witnessed him abusing animals as a child. He was severely disturbed.
One Thanksgiving, he drank too much and caused a huge scene and ruined everything as usual. I had been fed up of everyone always speaking bad on him and knew that there was hope as long as there was God. So I took the stand and followed him outside up a close by alley. At the age of thirteen, I laid hands on my father as he cried and prayed with him. He asked God to come into his life and accepted Him as his personal savior. It was the first time I took authority in Jesus name and prayed over a situation that seemed to everyone else that couldn't have been changed. He arose off of bended knee with praises in his mouth giving glory to God for the first time in his life. But that was just the beginning.....

As the years went by he started going to church, studying the word and was really putting effort into living for God. He was seeking everyday and no one ever knew but me and God. No one would care or give him a chance. But God did.
Soon after, I was notified he was shot three times in the chest and died. My spirit felt confused on the way to the funeral days later and I prayed for God to help confirm that his spirit was at rest.
My mom decided to stop at a flower shop about 120 miles west of the burial site.
Out of all the flower shops in the huge city of Knoxville, TN, she ran into the man who just so happened to be with my father as he took his last breath. Not only was he a man.... He was a Preacher.
Needless to say, He told me my dad accepted Christ in his life seconds before he passed in his arms.

My dad came to me in a dream as himself smiling with a ray of light behind him. He thanked me and I woke up.

It is the power of God who made it possible. It's amazing what miracles can take place just by ONE person having faith. I wonder what this world would be like if we ALL had it. "I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me."

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