A few months ago, November 07 to be precise, my dearest dog Snuffles was killed by a cruel hunter with his rifle. My wife and 2 children (and myself) are all against such cruel blood sports as hunting, let alone blowing an innocent dog's brains out with a high-powered hunting rifle. Last week we were out walking in the woods close to where Snuffles met his divine maker. We were all having fun until we heard a rustle in the bushes and up popped several men with rifles about 200 metres away. Their view of us was not clear so they must have mistaken us for deer or badgers (animals commonly shot in that area). We hit the floor and prayed for us to be safe. It was then that we all heard a bark and the sound of paws trotting towards the hunters. Only 1 dog barks like that - Snuffles. He had only half a tongue so his bark was extremely individual. As i leapt to my feet i saw the hunters running away, scared by my Snuffles. This was surely a sign from God and Snuffles that they are watching over us and protecting us. Bless You Snuffles! God's speed



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