This story was sent to me by a wonderful woman whose whole life changed with just a sentence from "The Diary of Sister Faustina."  I asked her if I could link this story and she graciously consented.  It's a great story, thank you Sweet Angel for sharing with us.

Hi, I wanted to share with you how my spirituality changed the day I read the Diary of Sister Faustina.

Since then, the Divine Mercy has been everything for me. With the Lord at my side I lived the most difficult times in my life when my husband of 15 years decided that the girl that was his mistress was going to be a better wife than I was, never giving me a second chance of anything,...but Jesus had different plans for me, because when I couldn't go any deeper in my pain and aloneness, I remembered a special page in the Diary where Sister Faustina wrote:

"From today on, my will does not exist"
so I put everything I was, am and will be in the Lord's hand, Him,....and start living according to His Holy Will.

Everything changed since then. I have never been happier in my all  life, everything seems to run smoothly, and there is no day that I don't thank the Lord for everything He put in my life.

Sweet Angel

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