This is a great story, I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I did.  Thank you KayBee for sharing with us.

God's Mercy

My Mother-in-law was having extreme leg pain for over six months. She went to an orthopedic doctor and a neurologist and her regular medical doctor.  She was taking pain medication but her pain never decreased. In early December, she had difficulty breathing and was taken to the hospital. I remember coming home from work around three in the afternoon and praying the Chaplet of Mercy and asking God for a sign to help relieve my mother-on law of pain.  But her pain remained even with the medication. One night after I came home from seeing my mother-in-law, I had a dream and a beautiful lady instructed me to see a Doctor Smith and she smiled and left. I awoke in the A.M. and was preoccupied with this information. I went to work and shared this information with my friend. I searched the list of medical doctors in the area and could not find a Dr. Smith in orthopedics, neurology or medical.
I gave up looking but was still open to finding this Dr. Smith. My mother-in law was then diagnosed with cancer that apparently went to her bone. She was still in pain.
 She was in the hospital for about two weeks. I called her from work during my break and asked her how she was feeling. Her reply, "'My doctor advised me to transfer to another hospital. There are two oncologists named Shaffner and Smith, who he felt could control by pain better, should I go?"" I got choked up and told her yes, please go.
She went to this hospital and her pain was better controlled but we lost her two weeks later. Before she died, I told her about my dream and she was content being at this hospital.  I am now more aware of the three o'clock hour that Our Lord died. I prayed for an answer and I received it through an angel in my dream. Before she died, I prayed the Chaplet of Mercy and she was buried with a smile on her face. God promises special graces given to the dying if this is said. That was the perfect gift I could give my mother-in-law before she died.

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