The Dream is a powerful story of God's Mercy.  It shows the obedience of one woman and her desire to help. Her reward was great.  She says, "...all the honor and glory ( be) to God."

The Dream

Over 25 years ago, I had a dream of a horrible accident involving hundreds of cars. It was so disturbing that it woke me up. There was horrible wailing, terror-filled screams for help and mangled bodies every where the eye could see, all set in a back drop of a dark and stormy day.  It was no ordinary dream. I knew that someone desperately needed prayers. I said the Chaplet of Mercy and fell asleep, only to be awakened again by the same dream.  This time, the suffering and wailing had lessened. This happened over and over again, each time another Chaplet of Mercy was said the suffering and wailing had lessened. It seemed to me, that more prayers were needed, so I got up and said the Chaplet until I could no longer keep my eyes opened. The last and final dream, there was a beautiful blue sky, birds chirping peace and quite, the happy chatter of friends. People had luminous smiles on their faces and filled with peace and gratitude. I believe that it was God's way of showing me the power of the Chaplet of Mercy.

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