This is a story of trust in God's immense mercy.  Its a great story.

Answering of my Prayer Requests

I am an expatriate and only son for my old and sick parents living away in faraway land, and had been unable to be of quick assistance when needed to my old parents who are living alone. Given this background, I hear from my mother on telephone on the day just after Easter, that my father while starting from home to go to Church to pray for my intermittent unemployment (of last few years), fell from the Motorcycle after starting it, unconsciously with a hit of his head on the compound wall of our house. Firstly, we were grateful to Lord Jesus, that this bad-luck incident, happened within our premises, and not any where else in the city (given my parents are staying alone, the situation could have been much worse). Requesting my sister to rush to my home town, I prayed fervently to “The Divine Mercy” intervention, and had put prayer requests on web sites, and had sought OUR LORD JESUS’s mercy. This incident was followed with hospitalization, with doctors/specialists diagnosing that my father had first suffered a brain stroke, followed by brain hemorrhage, and given his poor condition they gave a 50:50 chance of surviving. We had however kept our fervent prayers to Our Lord, Our Lady, St.Anthony, St.Jude and other saints and apostles meanwhile. Since that time, my father had progressed gradually, and doctor’s have said that they were very pleased to note that my father has become more than 90% OK now, although my father feels he is 100% OK, all within two month’s time. However, he has become easily irritable, tense, stubborn, careless etc than he was before, but we pray now that he should steadily improve.

I hereby praise LORD JESUS CHRIST, for his miraculous intercession and answering to our prayers, and giving my father a new life to recovery from a stage of hopelessness.

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