Fruits of the Spirit

 Self Control

Mark and Randy, Sam, Darrin and Steve were sitting at the campfire talking.
They were waiting patiently for the campfire stories.
Sam was taking and all of the sudden, he got bumped hard from behind.
He turned and saw two boys roughhousing.
He didn't say anything to them.
Then it happened again.
He was hit hard.
"Go play over there," he said to the boys. "You keep hitting me."
"So what?" said one of the boys.
The other boy walked up to Sam and hit him hard on the arm.
"Did it feel like that?" he asked.
Sam was mad.
He turned away from them and didn't say anything more.
"Hey, did it feel like that?"
The boy hit Sam again.
Sam got up and turned to face the two boys.
Just then, here comes a counselor.
"What's going on here?" asked the counselor
The two boys didn't say anything.
Sam said, "They were roughhousing and hit me.  I asked them to play over there."
"That sounds fair to me," said the counselor. "You two move over there."
The two boys left.
The counselor said to Sam, "Are you ok?"
"Yes, Im fine," Sam answered
"If they give you any more trouble, come and tell me, ok?"
"OK," answered Sam.
"You did a good job of self control.  There aren't too many that would have done what you did."
The counselor touched Sam on the shoulder.
He smiled at him.
The counselor was proud of Sam.
Every one was proud of Sam

Mark shows goodness to a new friend.  Randy shows Darrin what faith is.  Darrin shows gentleness to Sam.  Sam uses self control.
Did Sam have self control?
Is it easy having self control?
Do you always use your self control?
Write and tell me what you think but ask your parents first.

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