Fruits of the Spirit


After they ate, the boys decided they would go exploring.
There was going to be campfire stories later but they would be back in plenty of time for that.
They walked and talked and were having a great time.
Sam was the biggest.
He led the way.
He started running.
Sam ran fast.
He could run faster than the other boys.
There was a rock on the trail that Sam didn't see.
He tripped over the rock and fell with a thump.
The other boys ran to help.
Sam's knee really hurt
His knee was bleeding.
Sam hurt a lot.
There was a stream really close by.
Darrin took off his shirt.
He wet it in the stream.
He walked back to Sam and gently wiped his skinned knee.
He walked back to the stream and wet his shirt again.
He walked back to Sam and wiped his knee again.
He did this many times until Sam was feeling better.
"Thanks Darrin," Sam said
"You're welcome, " Darrin replied.  "Feeling better now?"
"Yeah.  We better go back now," Sam said.
"OK, but we better take it slow," Darrin said.
Randy and Mark helped Sam up.
Sam smiled at Darrin.
Darrin smiled at Sam.
They slowly walked back to camp.

Steve shows kindness to Darrin.  Mark shows goodness to a new friend.  Randy shows Darrin what faith is.  Darrin shows gentleness to Sam
Was Darrin gentle with Sam?
Are there other ways to be gentle?
Are you gentle?
Write and tell me what you think but ask your parents first.

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