Fruits of the Spirit


The boys were eating their meal.
The hot dogs were better than they had ever tasted before.
"Boy this is good," said Darrin.
"Yeah it sure is," said Steve.
"Do you want some more?" asked Sam
"Yeah, lets go back for seconds," said Randy.
"I hope there is some left," said Steve.  "There is a lot of people eating."
"Oh, don't worry," said Randy.  "There will be lots more."
"How do you know?" asked Darrin.
"I just do," said Randy. "Just like I know it will be dark tonight and light tomorrow."
"Yeah, but that's different!" said Darrin.
"No, it isn't different.  Its the same thing.  I have faith that there will be enough food just like I have faith it will be dark tonight," said Randy.
"Oh," said Darrin. "Well, I have faith it will be dark tonight but I don't think there will be enough food."
"Let's go see," said Randy
All the boys walked over to the big serving tables.
"See," said Randy.  "There is lots of food here.  You just needed more faith."
"Yeah, you are right," said Darrin.
"I do have some faith though," said Darrin as he went to the table and started putting some food in his plate.  "I have faith that I am going to eat more."

Mark and Randy and Steve and Sam have patience.  Steve shows kindness to Darrin.  Mark shows goodness to a new friend.  Randy shows Darrin what faith is.
Did you know that?
Did Randy show Darrin what faith is?
Do you have faith?
Write and tell me what you think but ask your parents first.

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