Fruits of the Spirit


The meal time prayer was said.
At last, it was time to eat.
All the boys were starving and they hurried to get their food.
There were two lines and the boys shoved and pushed to be the first.
Mark finally got to the food.
He got two hot dogs.
He got some fruit.
He got some beans.
He got a cute little bag of chips.
He was so hungry.
He was hurrying back to his table.
He ran into another boy.
That boy dropped his plate.
Mark stepped on his bag of chips.
Smash! went the chips.
The boy just looked at Mark
The boy began picking up his food from the ground.
Mark helped him.
"Im sorry," said Mark
"Its ok," said the boy.
"Here," said Mark.  "You take my plate."
"No, its ok," said the boy.
"No, really" said Mark. "Take this and you eat."
He held out his plate to the other boy.
"Thanks," said the boy taking the plate.
Mark waited in line again and got his food and carefully walked back to the table.
He passed the same boy coming back for seconds.
They smiled at each other.
They just made a new friend.

Mark and Randy and Steve and Sam have patience.  Steve shows kindness to Darrin.  Mark shows goodness to a new friend.
What do you think?
Was it an accident?
Did Mark feel bad?
Should Mark have given his plate of food to the boy?
Write and tell me what you think but ask your parents first.

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