Fruits of the Spirit


The boys were waiting for dinner.
Mark and Randy and Steve and Sam were talking.
They were laughing.
They were having a good time.
Steve looked up and noticed a boy sitting by himself crying.
He walked to the boy.
Steve asked the boy, "What's the matter?"
The boy answered, "Nothing"
"There is something wrong.  Can I help?" asked Steve
"NO," said the boy.
Steve just stood there for a minute.
He wasn't sure what he should do.
"Do you want to come and eat with us?  he asked.
The boy looked up at him.
"Its ok," he said.
"We would like for you to come with us," Steve said.
"Really?" asked the boy.
"Yes, really," said Steve.
The boy wiped his tears and gave a big sniff.
"Im Steve."
"Im Darrin."
"Let's go," said Steve.  "You got to meet the other guys."
"OK ," said Darrin.
Off they went to the table to meet the others.

Mark and Randy and Steve have joy.  Mark and Randy and Steve have peace.  Mark and Randy and Steve and Sam have patience.  Now Steve shows kindness to Darrin

Do you think Darrin was sad?
Wasn't that nice of Steve to help Darrin?
Do you think he showed kindness to Darrin?
Write and tell me what you think but ask your parents first.

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