Fruits of the Spirit


Mark and Randy and Steve climbed down from the rock.
It was nearly time for dinner.
They ran back to the camp to see what was for dinner.
They stood by the big barbecue and could smell the food cooking.
It smelled so good.
They were hungry.
Sam, was standing quite a ways away from them.
He was mad.
"I want to eat now!" he yelled.
"Its not quite ready yet," said the cook
"I don't care, I want to eat!" he yelled.
"Be patient.  It wont be long now," answered the cook
Mark and Randy walked up to Sam.
"Come with us.  It wont be long now," said Randy.
"Let's sit at that table," said Mark
Sam and Mark and Randy walked to the table to wait for dinner
Steve came walking up to them.
"Does any one want to flip for the table?" asked Steve.
All the boys remembered the flip in the tent.
They all started laughing.
Even Sam laughed.

Mark and Randy and Steve have joy.  Mark and Randy and Steve have peace.  Now Mark and Randy and Steve and Sam have patience.

Do you think that Mark and Randy and Steve helped Sam to be patient?
Are you patient?
Do you think its hard to be patient?
Write and tell me what you think but ask your parents first.

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