Fruits of the Spirit

Randy and Mark decided they wanted to explore.
Steve went with them.
They looked around and saw a huge rock.
"Lets go climb that rock," said Steve.
So off the boys went toward the rock.
They ran part of the way.
They walked part of the way.
They finally reached the big rock.
It looked a lot bigger when they got close.
Steve wasn't sure if he could make it.
Up they went.
Randy was the biggest and he went first.
Up went Randy with Mark behind.
Steve was last.
He watched what the other boys did.
He did the same thing.
He was a little scared.
He didn't want to let the others know that he was scared.
They climbed higher and higher.
Finally, Randy was on top.
Then Mark was beside him.
Steve was coming.
He was tired.
It was a hard climb for him.
Just as Steve was ready to pull himself to the top, Randy reached out his hand to help him.
Steve took his hand.
Randy helped him to the top.
There was Randy, Steve and Mark standing on top of the big rock.
They celebrated reaching the top with shouts.
Then they sat down.
They could see everything in front of them.
They were quiet.
They were happy.
They were at peace.
Mark and Randy showed love.  Mark and Randy and Steve have joy.  Now Mark and Randy and Steve have peace.

Do you think the boys were at peace?
Are you ever at peace?
Can you bring peace to others?
Write and tell me what you think but ask your parents first.

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