Fruits of the Spirit

Randy was walking to his tent.
Mark was with him.
Randy was thinking about James.
He was wishing that James could share their tent.
They got to their tent.
There was a small boy standing outside the tent all alone.
"Hi," said Mark.
"Hi," said the boy
"Im Mark," said Mark
The boy just looked down and didn't answer.
"What's your name?" asked Randy.
"Steve," the boy answered with his eyes looking down.
"Lets go inside," said Mark
Mark and Randy went in the tent.
Where was Steve?
Mark went outside.
Steve was standing there all alone.
His head was down.
He was sad.
"Come in," said Mark.  "We can put our stuff away."
Steve never answered.
He shuffled through the doorway and stood.
"Which bunk do you want?" asked Randy.
"I don't care," answered Steve
"Lets flip for top bunk," suggested Mark.  "Steve, you go first."
"Heads," Steve said
Randy flipped the coin and up it went.
Randy watched as the coin fell and rolled clear out the door.
Mark started laughing.
Randy started laughing
Steve smiled
Mark laughed harder.
Randy tried to talk and was laughing so hard, he couldn't say anything.
Steve started laughing.
Mark was happy.
Randy was happy.
Steve was happy.
All three boys laughed and talked.
There was Joy in the tent.
James showed Mark and Randy love.  Mark and Randy showed Steve love. Love brings joy.
Do you think that Mark and Randy were nice to Steve?
Do you think they made Steve feel better?
Do you think that Steve had joy because of Randy and Mark?
Write and tell me what you think but ask your parents first.

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