Fruits of the Spirit

Randy and Mark were at camp.
It was their first day.
They didn't know anybody.
They knew each other and that helped.
Randy was wishing he had never come.
He was missing being home.

All the other boys were talking to each other.
They were even playing tag.
Randy just sat there wishing he had never come.
"Hi, Im James.  What's your name?"
Randy looked around and he saw a tall boy standing there.
"I'm Randy," he answered.
Is this your first time here?" asked James.
"Yes," answered Randy.
"I've been here two other times.  Its fun.  I think you will like it," said James.
Randy pointed toward Mark and said, "This is Mark.  Its his first time too."
The three boys talked and talked.
Pretty soon it was time to start.
Randy was no longer wishing he had stayed home.
Randy was glad he came.

James showed love to Randy.  Love is the greatest gift. 1Cor13:13

What do you think?
Do you think James showed God's love to Randy?
Did James make Randy feel better?
Was Randy glad that James was nice to him?
Write and tell me what you think but ask your parents first.

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