The Season Spring

I watch the seasons come and go,
I hear the robin sing,
And in my Winter-weary heart
I know that it is Spring.

The little brook is chattering,
So happy to be free;
A daffodil in yellow dress
Joins in the revelry.

Flowers lift wee, bright faces
In yards most everywhere;
The butterflies and honeybees
Are sipping nectar there.

The sky is turning brighter blue,
The lawn is sprouting green,
Pink blossoms on the dogwood tree
Fulfill an artist's dream.

As though this still were not enough
The weary heart to please,
The lilac spills her sweet perfume
Upon the rain-washed breeze.

I watch in awesome wonder
As Winter's on the wing
And our God in loving kindness
Sends the season we call "Spring."

Kay Hoffman

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