A Quiet Place

Each man needs a quiet place,
Wherein to meet God face to face,
A very private interlude,
In which no other may intrude.
There are things one cannot share
With another anywhere,
Feelings that the heart has known,
Only meant for God alone.

Heartache often leaves a scar,
Being human as we are,
But in crowds one cannot find
That illusive peace-of-mind.
There's a bit of hermit in
The most eloquent of men,
Who must leave the beaten track,
To get their lost perspective back.

And though it is very true,
 "No man is an island," you
Must stop awhile and walk apart,
To hear the music of your heart.
 Cast off the old distractions, find
God's love beyond the dawn of time,
And entering a quiet place,
..Speak to your Maker, face to face.

Grace E. Easley

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