Passing Through

As I wander down life's winding path
with chasms on each side,
I try to keep my eyes on God
and with His Word abide.
I try to do the many things
 I know He wants me to,
for on this earth I've little time
'cause I'm just passing through.

I know that every step I take
requires His guiding hand,
 for danger lurks at every turn
that bears the devil's brand.
And by myself, I would be lost
to seek without a clue,
the path to everlasting life
 while I am passing through.

I must remember everyday
to quell my foolish pride,
for all my efforts, naught would be,
without Him by my side.
just like the pilgrim on life's road
I've faith in Jesus, Who
will guide me in the wilderness
while I am passing through.

So with bowed head, I ask my Lord,
"Correct me when I stray
and give me strength to overcome
temptations everyday."
Then when my life is finished
and my deeds He does review,
I'll know I did my very best while
I was passing through.

Thomas C. Gallagher

He guides me in
right paths for his
name's sake.
Ps. 23:3

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