A Painting Of Love, From The Master Painter

On a clear day, I see a painting in the sky
I see myself painted so loving and so new
When I look I see the wonder, people now can view
My eyes are the deepest blue
Like the ocean in the sky
My heart is red with color
From the Master who created
With His beautiful eyes
For He told me I am a miracle
He wanted all to see
So that is why He desired to paint the life of me

For He has seen me crying
He saw me laugh with joy
The picture of what He made
He loves to paint the beauty that He knows
And you can watch the color
He paints in my life to tell you so

If you wonder why I am painted
It is because I can feel
What makes a person
Who is so very real

Sometimes I did not think I could hold on to God
Who paints what others do not find
But God's art is all around me
I will see the Master Painter
In his own time

Jesus has protected me
As I walk in this world so true
When He paints me
The angels are singing too

I have seen His finished work
God was very kind
For He only painted the blessed things
Which He proudly shows
I am glad I met my Master Painter
For I love Him so.

Linda Ann Henry © 2006
Do you remember me
The people's poet

Written with love to the Master Painter, who knows us all.

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