Master of the Way

Dear Lord of all my sunny days,
I raise my voice in joy and praise.
I see the beauty of Your earth
As once again there is rebirth.
I hear the little birds that sing
And lift my voice to Thee, my King.
The fragrant flowers along my way
Add color to my life each day.
But life must have some cloudy days;
There may be storms along my way,
It seems the birds forget to sing
And to Your promises I will cling.
Dear Lord, You promised You would be
My anchor on life's stormy sea,
My shepherd and my guide each day,
The light before me all the way.
You send the sunshine and rain,
You share our joy and all our pain.
We bow our heads to Thee in prayer,
Assured that You are always there.
Dear Lord, I thank You for Your love,
The blessings from Your throne above.
You are my strength from day to day,
Oh Lord and Master of my way.
Gertrude B. McClain

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