Day of Grace

Life (on earth) is Day of Grace -
Compared to what will be;
A wisp of time, in tiny place -
Compared to Majesty -
For, in God's Kingdom, up above,
There is no end to day
And sunshine lights Eternal Life
With Heaven's warmest rays.

 So, do not cry when darkness falls
 And life (on earth) must pass
 For God awaits each Christian soul
 With life, to ever last;
 And we will know the sacred love
That is in His embrace
And, never more, the tears and fears
That filled our Day of Grace.

It will be world of holy joys -
Above the griefs of earth -
Where He will bless each worthy soul
With glories of rebirth
And - There - we all will know and see
His gifts, to souls of faith -
Where Heaven follows Day of Grace
And God and Jesus wait.
Michael Dubina

Eye has not seen, ear has not
heard the things which God has
prepared for those that love him.
1 Cor. 2:9
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