How Beautiful Is God

In the morning when the dawn begins to brea
I watch the sunrise wake from sleep
How beautiful are the colors,
red and orange, gold and pink
I look at the light of a pretty rainbow
and watch nature come and go

In the flowers I see bees fluttering around
Making new buds beautiful and bright,
Only on earth can they be found
How beautiful is our God,
To create this masterpiece
His love is so great,
There is so much peace

The waterfalls and the deep blue sea
How beautifully we set sail
To see fish flying in the air
Dolphins swimming free
How beautiful is our God
To make us all of these

How beautiful is a new born baby
Our Father is so pleased
He sends His Guardian Angels
To help each find the way
How ever long we are here
Only God, Himself can say

How beautiful is The Father
For giving us His Son
He suffered in our place,
How much our God loved us
We are His children, everyone

Linda Ann Henry © 2007
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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