God Will Answer

Sometimes I moan and grumble
In the dealing of life's hand,
But somehow I journey onward
Seeing His love in this plan.
Oh, I'm sure I wouldn't travel
Very far without his aid,
   And from the tests we all encounter
   Let's each worship and give praise.
 Though a smooth path may bring pleasure
It takes fortitude and strength,
To walk the rugged valley
Where it never seems to end.
Like the darkness of a tunnel
And no mountain view in sight,
Like a cross that's e're so heavy
Like a winter without light.
But somehow His tender mercy,
Like a beacon light to guide,
Will assist each weary traveler
If we'd just but realize -
Realize that God will answer
In His way... and in His time,
Then our mission will prove worthy
And our trials prove divine.

Chris Zambernard

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