This earth has been my home so long,
And I have loved it well,
But one day I must leave it,
Just when I cannot tell.
The hour and the minute
I am scheduled to depart,
Was long ago decided,
And is written on God's heart.

This is a great old world, and how
I wish that I could stay,
But the years keep going faster,
And the hours slip away.
But as I near the turning
Of the road, I pause to view
The yesterdays I've left behind
Me, as I journey through

One year into another,
'Til they form a silver chain,
There are things I would do over,
Some I would not do again.
Though "old sins cast long shadows,"
However long confessed,
With all my heart I do believe
I'll find a place to rest

Within the arms of Jesus,
Where no heartache and no pain,
Will ever be allowed to touch
This prodigal again.
And throughout all eternity,
My greatest joy will be,
That the Shepherd left His ninety-nine,
...To come in search of me.

Grace E. Easley

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