How to Work the Ebook Download Page

When first entering the ebook page, there will be two choices on the left.

One says "Children"
One says "General"

"Children" lists all the ebooks pertaining to children
"General" list all the ebooks pertaining to adults.

For this page, "General" will be used and "Mercy Chaplet for Adults" will be our model.  Remember that all the ebooks work the same.

After clicking "General" to get us to the adult ebook page, scroll down until you find the ebook you want.  They are listed alphabetically so its pretty easy to find.
The name of the ebook at the top left and the words "View Full Info", at the bottom right will both take you to the same page.  On that page, the ebook is again listed plus you can leave a comment if desired.

On either page, at the top right is a number with the word "Downloads" following it.  That is the number of times that particular ebook has been downloaded.
That's where you download the ebooks.  You can do so whether you are on the first page or second page.

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I hope this page has helped you.  Let me know if you need any help.  I can be reached at

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