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Persian name of Ahasuerus; son of Darius the Great.
Esther 1:1
Esther 8:1-8

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The Hebrew word for God's name, YHWH with vowels added. Most English Bibles use LORD, with small capitals for the o, r, and d, instead of Yahweh. This is because God is also called Lord.
Genesis 2:8-9
Jonah 1:9


A fungus used to leaven bread dough.
Exodus 12:15
Luke 13:21
Noun: A beam or wooden frame that is placed over the necks of two oxen and attached by straps to a plow behind them. The yoke holds the animals together and transfers the weight of the plow to their shoulders as they walk forward.
Leviticus 26:13
Acts 15:10
Noun: Synonym for pair; team of two.
Job 1:3
Verb: To fasten a yoke to two oxen; to bind one ox to another with a yoke.
Numbers 19:2
your servant
(yor sur-vuhnt)
A formal way of saying "me." People of Bible times would call themselves '"our servant" to show respect to elders, rulers, or others more powerful than themselves.
Genesis 16:6
2 Kings 4:16
Luke 2:29
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