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Wake Up Your god!

The people were worshipping Baal.

Baal is a false god.

Elijah said to the King Ahab, "Bring 450 prophets of Baal to Mount Carmel today.

I want to talk to them"

Ahab did as Elijah asked.

Elijah said to all the people there, " If the Lord is God follow him.  If Baal is god then follow him.  Today we will have a test.  Let the prophets of Baal put some meat on your altar and I will put some meat on my altar.  All of you call upon Baal, I alone will call upon the Lord.  The god who answers by burning up the meat is the One True God."

They all agreed.

They liked the test.

All the people danced around the altar and shouted, "Baal, hear us!"

They shouted louder and louder and still there was no fire.

Elijah said, "Maybe your god is sleeping. Dance more and shout louder."

The people danced and danced.

The people shouted and shouted.

They danced and shouted for the whole day.

There was no fire.

Now it was Elijah's turn.

He built an altar out of 12 big stones.

He put the meat on it.

He asked the people to fill four barrels of water and pour over it.

Then he asked them to pour four more barrels of water over it.

When they had finished the second time, he said, "Now once more."

There was so much water there.

It was all over.

It filled a trench beside the altar.

Everything was just soaked.

Elijah prayed, "Lord, let these people know you are God."

Suddenly, fire flashed down from heaven.

It burned up the meat, the altar, and the 12 stones.

It even evaporated the water in the trench.

The people bowed down to the Lord and shouted," The Lord is the One True God!"

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