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Tower of

In those days everyone spoke the same language.

Nimrod was a king

He was a mighty hunter.

He was blessed by God.

In his kingdom, there was huge plain.
Many people started talking about building a city and a huge tower.

They were talking about building a tower that would reach to the skies ...a proud monument to themselves.

They began building the tower.

The people had great piles of brick and many containers of mortar.

When God saw this, he didn't like it.

He said, "If they are doing this now, when they all speak the same language, there will be nothing to stop them from doing as they wish later.  Let's go down and confuse their language so no one will understand the other."

Suddenly, each of the men were speaking different languages.

They couldn't understand each other.

They couldn't tell each other what they wanted or needed.

They had to stop working on the tower.

The tower was called Babel ... meaning Confusion

Soon, each man found others that could understand them and those people went off to live together.

That's how God scattered the different languages throughout the world

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