Bible Stories

                                           Part 2
Samuel had two sons, Joel which means Jehovah is God, and Abiah which means Jehovah is father.

Samuel raised his sons well.

He taught them about God.

He taught them how to live in God's light.

When Samuel became old, he asked his two sons to help him.

He asked them to help rule over Israel.

Samuel's sons did not do as they were taught.

They did bad things.

The people of Israel went to Samuel and asked for a king to rule them.

Samuel was unhappy with the people of Israel for asking for a king.

Samuel prayed to God about what the people had asked of him.

God answered Samuel's prayer.

God said, "The people are not rejecting you, they are rejecting me to rule over them. You will get them a king but tell them their king will do bad things to them. He will take their land and sheep and food from them."

Samuel told the people what God had said.

The people refused to listen to Samuel.

They wanted a king.

Kish was a wealthy man.

He had a son named Saul.

Some of Kish's animals were missing and he sent Saul and a servant to look for them.

They were gone for many days and couldn't find the missing animals.

Saul decided to return home because he didn't want his father to worry.

Saul's servant said that maybe they could go to the city of Ramah and ask Samuel where the animals were.

Saul agreed and they went to Ramah.

The day before Saul arrived, God told Samuel that he was sending a man and for Samuel to anoint him king.

As soon as Samuel saw Saul, the Lord said to Samuel , "This is the man."

They were getting ready for a religious festival in the city.

As soon as Saul and his servant entered the city, they saw Samuel.

Not knowing who he was, Saul asked Samuel for help.

"I am the one you are looking for", said Samuel. "Come with me and eat and stay with me tonight.

As for the animals that have been lost for three days, don't worry, they have been found."

Saul went with Samuel to the festival.

Samuel gave him the place of honor at the table and the best food to eat.

When that was over, they went to Samuel's house and talked.

Samuel told Saul that he was to be appointed king.

Early the next morning when Saul was leaving, Samuel walked with him to the edge of the city.

There he anointed Saul to be king of Israel.

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