Bible Stories

Ruth and Naomi

Naomi was married to Elimelech.

They had two sons, Mahlon and Chilion.

They lived in Bethlehem.

There was a terrible famine in Bethlehem so they moved to Moab.

An awful thing happened.

Elimelech died.

Naomi was so sad.

She missed him so much.

Later, both her sons married.

They married Orpah and Ruth.

Then another awful thing happened.

They died.

All three ladies were so sad.

They lived together.

They loved each other.

Then Naomi said one day, "I want to go back to Israel.  I hear the Lord has blessed His people with good crops."

All three women decided to go with Naomi to Israel.

They got ready and set off for Israel.

Right after they had begun their journey, Naomi changed her mind.

She told both women, "Return to your parents home. I thank you for everything you have done for me and may the Lord to bless you with another happy marriage."

Naomi kissed them good-bye.

They all cried.

"No," they both said.  "We want to go with you to your people in Israel."

Naomi said, "I love you both but I am old.  You are young and need to be married.  Now go back to your parent's home."

And again they cried together.

Orpah kissed Naomi good-bye and tearfully went back to her parents home.

Ruth insisted on going with Naomi.

Naomi told her, "Orpah has returned to her parents home and to her gods.  You should do the same."

"Don't make me leave you," said Ruth.  "I want to go where you go and live where you live.  I want your people to be my people and your God to be my God."

Naomi loved Ruth.

Ruth loved Naomi.

Naomi agreed that she could go with her.

They continued on their 120 mile journey to Israel.

Once they got there, they were poor and had little to eat.

Ruth worked in the fields to get food.

She would go behind the reapers and pick up the grain.

She worked continually with no breaks.

She worked hard to get food for she and her dear mother-in-law.

She was working in a man's field named Boaz.

Boaz, after a long time, introduced himself to her.

He was kind to her.

He thought her beautiful and kind.

They fell in love.

They got married.

They had a son.

They named him Obed.

Naomi took care of her grandson.

She loved him and cared for him the way Ruth loved and cared for her.

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