Bible Stories

Noah and
the Ark
                                    Part 2

It rained for forty days and forty nights.
The entire earth was flooded.
Noah and his family were safe in the ark.


Then after the forty days, it stopped raining.
Water covered the earth for 150 days.
God didn't forget about Noah.
He sent a warm wind to blow and the water began disappearing.

The ark settled on top of the mountains of Ararat.
Three months later, other mountain tops appeared as the water continued going down.

Forty days later, Noah sent a dove to find dry land.
The bird came back.
There was no dry ground yet.

A week later, he sent the dove again.
This time the dove returned with an olive branch.
Noah knew there was some dry land out there.

Another week went by and he released another dove.
This time the dove didn't return.

Noah knew it wouldn't be long, now.
Twenty-nine days later, Noah opened the door and the water was gone.
Eight weeks later the earth was dry.
God told Noah to let the animals go and wander over the earth.

When Noah came out of the ark, one of the first things he did was build an altar on the mountain side.
He gave an offering to God.

When Noah looked up he saw a beautiful sight.
God had placed a rainbow of beautiful colors in the sky.

"I will never again send flood waters to cover the earth," God promised. "Whenever you look up and see a rainbow in the sky it will remind you of my promise."

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