Bible Stories

Noah and
the Ark

Soon there were many people on the earth.
They had forgotten all about God.
They were very bad.
All the people were bad except for Noah.

Noah pleased God.
Noah tied to live his life in God's way.
Noah taught his children to live according to God.
He taught them not to lie.
He taught them not to cheat.
He taught them not to steal.


One day God said to Noah, "A huge flood is coming. You must build a big boat, an ark, then bring two of every animal to the ark.  Your family and the animals will be safe from the flood"
God told Noah how big to make the ark and then Noah and his three sons began working on the ark.

Noah built it exactly as God told him.
It took many years to build the ark.
It was finally finished.

Noah put a ramp up to the opened doors
He could see that the animals were coming from all over to get on the ark.
The elephants stomped up the ramp.
The birds flew in the opened doors.
The cats quietly leapt.


Then the rains came.
Noah and his wife, their three children and their wives, got on the ark.
They were getting ready for the flood.
After the last of the animals had gotten on the ark, God closed the doors and they were safe and warm and dry from the flood.

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