Bible Stories


                                                                                  Part Four

The Hebrews had been traveling for a long time.
They were tired.
They were thirsty.
They were running out of food.
They were getting worried.
They came to an oasis.
The people rejoiced.
When they tasted the water, they found it was bitter.
They couldn't drink it.
Moses prayed to God.
God told Moses, "Throw that tree in the water."
Moses did what God asked.
The water became sweet and they all drank.
The people rejoiced.
They were concerned about food.
Moses asked God what they should do
God answered, "I will give the people meat every night and bread ever morning."
Sure enough that very night, quail came to their camp and the surrounding area.
The next morning, people could see flat little round flakes.
They didn't know what it was.
They called it Manna.
That's the Hebrew word for "What is it"
God told Moses to have the people gather it and use it for bread.
The people rejoiced.
God promised to take care of them.
God did take care of them.
God loves us all.

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