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The people of Egypt had a new Pharaoh.

The Pharaoh was mean.

They didn't like the Hebrews living in Egypt.

The Hebrews believed in the 'One True God'.

The Egyptians believed in many false gods.

They felt that everything had its own god.

If they wanted rain, they prayed to the rain god.

If they wanted sun, they prayed to the sun god.

The Pharaoh felt that the Hebrews might cause trouble.

The Pharaoh made all the Hebrews slaves.

The Hebrews had to do all the work.

They had to build the cities.

They had to gather the food.

They had to work too hard.

More and more children were born to the Hebrews.

They worked them harder.

Still more children were born to the Hebrews.

Finally the Pharaoh gave an order.

He ordered that all the male babies born to the Hebrews must be killed.

A Hebrew man and woman had three children.

Their third child was a boy.

His parents loved him.

What would happen if he were found?

They hid him for 3 months.

They couldn't hide him anymore.

They decided to put their son in God's Hands.

The mother placed her son in a basket.

She prayed that he be taken care of.

She floated the basket down the river Nile.

The mother told her daughter to follow along and see what happened to her brother.

The basket floated carefully and easily.

The Pharaoh's daughter saw the basket floating in the river Nile.

"Go see what that is," she ordered one of her attendants.

An attendant got the basket and brought it back.

Opening the basket, "Look, its a Hebrew baby!"

The baby began crying.

The sister, who had been following along, ran to her and offered to get a Hebrew nurse for the baby.

"Yes, go get a woman," she said.

She raced back to her mother.

The mother went to Pharaoh's daughter.

"Take this baby and feed him.  I will pay you.  When he is weaned, bring him back to me. I will raise him as my own," she said.

The mother had her baby back for a while.

She was able to hold him and love him with no fear.

She was able to teach him the Hebrew ways.

She was able to teach him of the One True God.

After he was older, she took him back to the Pharaoh's daughter.

There, he was named by his new mother.

She named him Moses.

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