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Joshua was the leader of many thousands of Israelites.

God led the Israelites, through Joshua, to the Jordan River.

The Jordan was a big river and the water was overflowing its bank.

"How do we cross the river?" asked Joshua.

God said. "Send twelve men, with the priests first, carrying my Ark.  As soon as the priests set their feet in the river, it will stop flowing so all of you can cross in safety."

The next day, Joshua called all the people together and told them what the Lord had said to him

"Now select the twelve men and let's begin," said Joshua

A soon as the priests carrying the Ark of God set their feet in the river, it stopped flowing.

It stopped way up the river held by the Hand of God.

Down the river, it emptied into the sea.

The priest stood in the middle of the river bed holding the ark until all the people had passed safely.

The Lord said to Joshua, "Tell the twelve men that had been selected to each take a stone from the riverbed by where the priests are standing and carry them out and pile them at your camp tonight."

Joshua called the twelve men and told the what the Lord had said to him.

They each picked up a stone and carried it on their shoulders.

After everyone had passed safely, they watched as the priests carrying the Ark came up from the river.

Then the river began flowing as usual.

At their camp that night, Joshua constructed the monument from the twelve stones.

He said, "We will make a monument with these stones so that in the future when you are asked what the monument is, you can say, 'It is a reminder that the River Jordan stopped flowing when the Ark of God passed' Tell them how the Lord dried up the river so we could pass safely.  That is like when he dried up the Red Sea many years ago.  All the nations of earth will know our God is a mighty God and will worship him forever."

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