Bible Stories

                          Part 2

The Lord did not appear personally to Gideon again but spoke to him by direct conversation or in dreams.

The Lord told Gideon to destroy the altar to the false god and worship the Lord God only.

Gideon obeyed.

At night when he couldn't be seen by the townspeople, he destroyed the altar and the idol.

When the men of the city arose the next morning and saw that the altar was destroyed, they were furious.

They demanded to know who was responsible.

When they learned it was Gideon, they ordered his father to bring Gideon to them so they could punish him.

Gideon's father said, "Why do you want to punish my son and defend your god? If your idol is truly a god, let him defend himself."

The townspeople had nothing to say to that.

The Lord put His Spirit upon Gideon.

Gideon was to defend Israel against its enemies.

Gideon gathered a great army to fight.

Gideon still had doubts about himself.

He wasn't sure if he could lead the men to victory.

Gideon said, "Lord, if you will use me to save Israel, please prove it to me this way. I will put some wool on the doorstep outdoors tonight. In the morning, if the ground is dry and the wool is wet, I will know that you are going to help me."

The Lord agreed.
When Gideon got up the following morning, he checked the wool
He wrung a bowl full of water out of it, but the ground around it was dry.
Still Gideon wasn't satisfied.

Once more he put God to the test.
"Please don't be angry with me, Lord," he said, "but I have one more request to make. I wish to try the same experiment tonight. This time let the wool be dry and the ground wet."

The Lord agreed.
In the morning, the ground was wet and the wool was dry. 
Gideon was happy

Early the next morning, Gideon took his army and positioned his men near the enemy lines.

The Lord told Gideon in a dream, "There are too many men with you. If they defeat the Midianites, they will be proud of their own achievement and say that they alone have done it. They will not give Me the glory. Therefore, go and tell your men that if any of them are afraid, they should go home."

Gideon made this offer to his men.
22,000 men decided to leave.
10,000 were left.

Then the Lord said to Gideon, "There are still too many men here!  Take all of the men to the river bank. Those who get down on their  knees to drink will not go with you, but those who remain on their feet and lap water from their hands are the men who are to go into battle with you."

Only 300 men drank from their hands.

Then the Lord instructed Gideon and said, "By these 300 men will I deliver Israel. Send the rest of the men home."

Gideon told the 300 men, "Let's go! The Lord has delivered our enemies into our hands."

They were victorious that day, because the Lord fought for them.

Another forty years of peace followed that great victory

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