Bible Stories

                                                                                      Part 1

A group of bad people from Midian had been bothering the people of Israel.

They were so mean that the Israelis tried to hide from them.

The Israelis ran to the mountains and hid in caves.

Gideon was one of these people that was hiding.

He was threshing some wheat at the bottom of a pit trying to hide from the mean people.

A stranger suddenly appeared.

"Mighty soldier, God is with you," said the stranger.

"Stranger," said Gideon. " If the Lord is with us, why is all this bad stuff happening to us.  No, the Lord has thrown us away and let the Midianites completely ruin us."

The stranger said, "Go and save Israel.  I will make you strong.  I am sending you!"

"How can I save Israel?" asked Gideon. "I am the poorest of the poor and the least thought of in my whole family."

"I, your God, am sending you," said the stranger.

What was happening?

Oh my, was this really God?

Giddeon was shocked.

Then he thought that it couldn't be God.

No one could look at God's face and live.

This had to be a trick.

"Ok," Gideon said. "Let me go get a gift and then you must perform a miracle to prove that you are God."

"Ok, I will stay right here until you return," said the stranger.

Gideon left and got a present.

He quickly returned with his gift.

The stranger was still there just as he said he would be.

"Place your gift on that rock," said the stranger.

Giddeon did as he had been told.

The stranger touched his staff to the gift and immediately there was a fire that flamed up and the gift was gone...and so was the stranger.

When Gideon realized what had happened, he cried out, "Oh God, I have seen the face of the Lord!"

"Don't worry," said the Lord. "You shall not die."

He had a job to do for God. 
He had seen God.
He had talked to God.
Gideon was SO happy.
He built an altar to the Lord right in that spot.
He named it, the Altar of Peace with God.

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