Bible Stories

                      Part 1

King Ahasuerus was king of Persia.
He didn't have his Queen Vashti any more.
She was very beautiful and he missed her so much.
He was sad and lonely.
His aides made a plan that said that every girl had to come to the palace for 1 year and get beauty treatments and then at the end of that year, the king would select a new queen from those girls.
King Ahasuerus thought this was a fine idea so he put the plan into effect.

Esther was a Jewish girl.
Her parents had died so she was living with her cousin Mordechai.
Esther was one of the girls that had to go to the palace.

Hegai was the one in charge of Esther.
He liked Esther and did what he could to make her stay there the best.
He gave her special food.
He gave her seven maids.
He gave her the best room in the palace.

Mordechai would come and see her every day.
He told her not to tell anyone that she was a Jew.
She was treated so well at the palace but she missed living with Mordechai.

Finally the year was up and it was Esther's turn to see the king.
She took Hagai's advice and dressed the way he had suggested.
When she was on her way to the king, all the other girls mentioned how beautiful she was.
There she was in the palace.
In the throne room.
There was the king sitting on his throne.
She walked up to the throne.
She bowed low to the king.
The king was so taken with her beauty, he put Queen Vashti's crown on her head immediately.
Esther was the new queen.
The king was so happy, he decided to throw a party to show everyone his new queen.

One day when Mordechai was at the palace, he heard two of the guards, Teresh and Bigthan, planing to assassinate the king.
He told Queen Esther as quickly as he could.
"Oh my," she said, "I must tell the king at once!"
She quickly hurried to the king to tell him the news.
"How do you know this, my queen?" he asked.
"Mordechai heard them talking and he told me as soon as he could, " Esther said
"Thank him for me, " said the king.
King Ahasuerus called over several guards and they were sent to find Teresh and Bigthan.

Esther still hadn't told anyone she was a Jew.
She had been told to keep the secret by Mordechai.
She always did as he asked.

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