Bible Stories

David and

David was a boy.

He lived in Bethlehem.

He was the youngest and the smallest of eight brothers.

David would tend his fathers sheep.

He would soothe them by making beautiful music on his lyre.

All the people of Bethlehem loved to him play.

One day a man came to David.

He said, " King Saul sent me.  He is very sad and asks if you will play your sweet music for him."

"Of course, I will come", replied David.

David left that same day and rode a donkey to the king's house.

He played and sang his songs for the king.

Soon, King Saul was happy again and asked David to remain with him and cheer him with his wonderful music.

David agreed and stayed with the king for many months.

Soon King Saul got word that an army was marching toward Israel.

He had to leave and lead his soldiers in battle.

He sent David home.

One day, David went to find his brothers.

When he got there, he saw two armies standing across a field from each other.

In the middle of the field some men were talking to a huge man.

He was the biggest man David had ever seen.

He was a giant.

The giant roared, "Send out your best warrior and I, Goliath, will defeat him!"

David ran to the king and told him what he had seen and heard.

He said that he would fight the giant

The king said, "No one will fight Goliath.  You are just a boy.  You haven't a chance against the giant."

"When I was tending my sheep", ' David said, "the lions would come.  God would protect me from them. He will protect me from this giant, too."

The king finally agreed to let David fight Goliath.

David left to meet Goliath. 

On his way, he stopped to pick up some stones for his sling.

Goliath was still standing in the middle of the field.

He was dressed in his finest armor and ready for battle.

David was dressed in his simple clothes.

Goliath was ready to fight David.

David took out a stone and placed it in the sling.

He spun the sling round and round.

With all his might, he sent the stone sailing.

The stone hit Goliath.

The giant came crashing to the ground.

David knew that God had helped him.

He thanked God.

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