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Deborah was a good woman.

God loved her very much

Deborah loved God very much

Deborah was a prophet.

She was a judge

She would judge the people of Israel sitting under her palm tree.

At that time, Jabin, a Caananite king, was trying to take Israel.

His general was Sisera.

The people of Israel asked God for help.

God heard them.

God talked to Deborah.

Deborah did as the God asked.

She asked that Barak come to see her.

Deborah told Barak, "The Lord said to go to Mount Tabor and take 10,000 men with you.  I will lead Sisera and all his troops and their chariots to you."

Barak said to Deborah, "I will go if you go with me.  I will not go if you don't go with me."

Upset with his lack of confidence, Deborah answered him, "Yes, I will go with you but you will not get the credit.  The reward of the defeat of Sisera will go to a woman."

Barak did as the Lord had asked him.

He got his 10,000 men.

He left with his men and with Deborah.

They went to Mount Tabor.

Deborah said to Barak, ''This is the day. The Lord marches before you."

Off Barak went with his men to fight with Sisera and his men.

Sisera and his men were surprised.

They saw the thousands of Baraks men heading toward them.

Ssiera and his men got into their chariots to run away.

There was Barak and his men chasing them.

Sisera got out of his chariot and ran as fast as he could.

Barak chased the other men.

He chased them a long way.

He caught up with them and defeated the entire army of Sisera.

Sisera ran as fast as he could.

He was tired.

He was thirsty.

He came to the tent of Jael.

Jael invited him into the tent with her.

Sisera asked her for some water.

She gave him milk to drink.

"Stand at the entrance and if anyone asks if I am here, you tell them no," said Sisera.

She covered him with a blanket and told him to sleep.

While he was there, she defeated him.

Barak arrived after that.

He was looking for Sisera.

Jael went out to meet him.

"Please come in," she said.  "I will show you the man you are looking for."

Deborah had told Barak earlier that the reward of the defeat of Sisera will go to a woman.

Deborah was right.

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