Bible Stories

The Coat of
Many Colors
                                 Part Three

During the hard times, Jacob and his other sons didn't have enough food.
Jacob told his sons to go to Egypt and get some food.
He did not know why, but there was plenty of food there.

When they got to Egypt, the brothers went to the one in charge of selling food.
This man was Joseph.
They didn't recognize Joseph.
He was rich and wearing fine clothes.
Joseph knew who they were but didn't say anything to them.
He welcomed them and sold them the food they needed.
The brothers left.

Soon, they needed more food.
Jacob told them to return to Egypt.
This time when the brothers went to Joseph to buy more food, Joseph said,"I am Joseph."
The brothers were surprised.
The brothers were sorry for what they had done to Joseph.
"Don't be angry with yourselves that you sold me to traders, " said Joseph.  "God did this.  He sent me here to help people."
Joseph added, "Now please return to your homes.  Bring all of your families here and we will all live here together."

When Jacob saw Joseph for the first time in many years he said, "This is the day I dreamed of."

Joseph and all his family lived happily in Egypt.

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