Bible Stories

The Coat of
Many Colors
                                         Part Two

The Pharaoh, the King of Egypt had some dreams that he couldn't understand.
He told his smartest men the dreams.
Not one of them understood the dreams.
Someone told Pharaoh about Joseph and that he might be able to understand them.
Pharaoh sent for Joseph.

Joseph said, "It is not I who can do it but God. He will tell you what your dreams mean."
He told Joseph his dreams.
"A hard time comes for Egypt, Pharaoh.  A time when there will be no food.  Begin preparing now, " said Joseph.
Pharaoh was so happy with Joseph.
He made Joseph free.
Joseph was no longer a slave.
"You will work with me.  Begin preparing for the hard times to come," said Pharaoh
Joseph worked hard.
He gathered the food.
He became the second in command of Egypt
He became rich and powerful
When the bad years came, the people did not go hungry.
There was plenty of food because of Joseph.

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