Bible Stories

The Coat of
Many Colors

A very long time ago in a place called Canaan there lived a man named Jacob.
Jacob married Rachel.
Jacob had twelve sons.
Jacob loved all his sons but his favorite son was his eleventh son, Joseph.

Joseph had dreams that he would tell his father.
His dreams made his brothers mad at him.
He would dream that the stars in the sky would bow down before him.

His father gave him a gift.
A rainbow colored coat made from the finest fabric.
The fabric was beautiful and soft.
Not at all like the rough fabric that his brothers wore.
The gift by their father to Joseph made the brothers jealous.

One day the brothers were tending the sheep.
Joseph went to check on them.
The brothers saw him walking toward them wearing the coat of many colors and that made them more and more angry.

When he approached his brothers, they grabbed him.
They tore off his beautiful coat.
They threw Joseph in a pit.

Later, a group of traders were coming.
The brothers took Joseph from the pit.
They gave him to the traders who were going to Egypt.

They had to tell their father something that wasn't true.
They couldn't let their father know what had happened.
They took Joseph's coat and smeared it with animal's blood.
They went to their father and showed him the coat.

Jacob cried when he saw the coat.
He thought his son was killed by an animal.
The brothers said nothing.

Joseph wasn't dead.
He was living in Egypt
He was sold to a rich man as his slave.
Joseph worked very hard.
Joseph knew that God would take care of him.

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