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Cain and

Adam and Eve found that outside the garden, life was very different.

It was not always sunny and warm.

They felt hunger.

Even though they had disobeyed God, God helped them.

God gave them clothes and taught them how to grow their own food.

God loved them.

Adam and Eve made a new home outside the garden and they worked hard but they had joy, too.

They asked for God's protection.

God continued to look out for them.

Adam and Eve had two babies.

The first son was Cain.

The second son was Abel.

When they grew up, Cain was a farmer and Abel was a shepherd.

The men always brought an offering to God.

Abel always gave God the best of what he had.

Cain didn't want to share with God.

He gave to Him because he had to.

God accepted the offering from Abel and was pleased.

God did not accept the offering from Cain.

This made Cain mad.

God saw that Cain was mad and explained to him that he had best change his attitude.

He told Cain that if the gift were given out of love, it would have been accepted.

He further told Cain to change his ways or he was headed for trouble.

Cain didn't listen to God.

Cain was mad at his brother because Abel's gift was accepted.

Cain did a very bad thing.

He attacked his brother.

Cain was happy now.

God asked Cain where Abel was.

Cain lied to God.

God knew what happened.

Cain never admitted his bad thing.

He wasn't sorry.

God sent Cain away.

Adam and Eve had a third son.

His name was Seth.

Seth means "Granted"

Eve said that God granted her another son for the one that Cain hurt.

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