Bible Stories

Abram to Abraham
Sarai to Sarah

Abram was a good man.

He loved God very much.

Abram always pleased God.

Abram was married.

His wife's name was Sarai.

She was a good woman.

Sarai loved God.

God was very good to Sarai and Abram.

They had large flocks.

They had many riches.

They had no children.

He prayed to God for a child.

The years passed and Abraham and Sarai were old people.

God had heard his prayers.

One day, three strangers came to Abram's tent.

Abram welcomed them.

He gave them food.

He gave them drink.

One of the strangers said to Abram, "In a year, I will return here.  By that time, Sarai will have a son."

Inside the tent, Sarai heard what the stranger had said.

She laughed to herself saying, "Am I to have a child when my husband and I are old?"

One of the strangers said to Abram, "Why did Sarai laugh?  Is anything too hard for the Lord?"

At these words, Abram knew that the three strangers were God Himself and two angels.

Abram and Sarai were patient.

They trusted the Lord.

One day the Lord said to Abram, "From now on your name will be Abraham because you shall be the Father of many nations. From now on Sarai's name will be Sarah.  She will be the mother of many nations.  Moreover, I will bless her. She will have a son.  You will name him Isaac."

God kept His promise to Abraham.

A son was born to Abraham and Sarah.

Abraham kept his promise to God.

He named him Isaac.

Abraham was old.

Sarah was old.

They loved their son.

They loved and worshipped an ever faithful God.

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