Bible Stories

The Garden of Eden
Adam and Eve
                                             Part Two

God told Adam and Eve they could eat any thing they wanted in the Garden.

"Do not eat from the tree of knowledge", God warned.

One day, Eve saw a serpent in the tree of knowledge.

"Why don't you eat from this tree?" asked the serpent.

"We can't eat from it," Eve answered.  "God told us not to."

"Nothing will happen to you," said the serpent.  "If you eat from that tree, you will know as much as God knows."

The serpent lied to Eve.

Eve looked at the fruit on the tree and thought it would be nice to be a wise as God.

She took off the fruit and ate it.

She went to Adam and told him how good the fruit was from that tree and offered
him some.

He ate it also.

As soon as they ate from the tree, they became afraid of God and tried to hide from Him.

God asked them why they hid from Him.

God asked if they ate from the tree of knowledge.

"Yes," they answered.

This was the first sin.

God was sad.

Because they had eaten from that tree, they knew the difference between right and wrong.

They knew the difference between good and evil.

They knew what they had done was wrong.

God told Adam and Eve, "Because you have disobeyed me, you must leave the garden."

Adam and Eve were sad too.

They cried as they left.

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