Bible Stories

Samson and Delilah
                                                           Part 1

Samson was a very strong man.

He had the strength of several men put together.

Samson fought many battles against the Philistines and won all of them.

One time he removed the gigantic gates of the city and carried them away on his shoulders after ripping it off its hinges all by himself.

Another time, Samson set their fields on fire and ruined their crops.

Still another time, he fought 1000 of the Philistines all by himself using for a weapon the jawbone of a donkey that he found on the ground nearby.

He won.

After this victory, he was very thirsty,
He prayed to the Lord, "I have won a great victory for you and now must I die of thirst?"

From a hallow in the ground, the Lord caused cool clear water to come gushing forth.

Samson drank from the spring.

Samson fell in love with a beautiful Philistine woman named Delilah.

He would visit her night after night.

The heads of the Philistine became aware of this.

Five important men went to her and offered to pay her $5000.00 find out what made Samson so strong.

Delilah wanted the money.

She agreed.

Delilah started begging Samson, "Please tell me why you are so strong."

Samson started telling her lies.

He told her, "If you tie me with seven bowstrings I will become as weak as anyone else."

Delilah had some Philistines hidden in the next room.

While Samson was sleeping she tied him with seven bowstrings.

After he was tied, Delilah shouted, "Samson! Wake up! The Philistines are here!"

Samson awoke, snapped the  bowstrings like twigs and fought the Philistines.

He overcame them with his great strength.

Delilah begged again, "You are making fun of me. Please tell me the secret of your strength."

Again, Samson told her a lie, "If you tie me with brand new ropes, I shall lose my strength."

As Samson slept, Delilah tied him with new ropes.

The men were hidden in the next room as before.

Delilah shouted, "Samson, wake up! The Philistines are here."

Samson woke up and shook himself.

The ropes broke from him and he fought off the Philistines.

He beat them all.

Delilah whined, "You have lied to me again. You won't tell me your secret."

Samson then told her that if she wove a lock of his hair with a loom he would lose his strength.

Samson went to sleep.

The men were hidden in the next room as before.

Delilah wove a lock of his hair with a loom.

Delilah screamed, " The Philistines have come, Samson!"

Samson jumped up.

He yanked his hair away.

He broke the loom.

He beat the Philistines.

Delilah was exasperated with Samson.

He had lied and lied to her.

She wanted that money that the Philistines had promised her.

She cried and cried, begged and pleaded for him to tell her his secret.

"If you love me Samson, you will tell me your secret," she whined.

She nagged at him until he couldn't stand it.

He finally told her his secret.

"My Hair has never been cut. If my hair were cut, I would be as weak as any other man," Samson confided.

Delilah sent for the men again.

Samson fell asleep with his head in her lap.

They cut his hair.

Once again she shook him and shouted, "Samson! Wake up! The Philistines are here to capture you!"

Samson jumped up to fight the Philistines.

His hair was gone.

His strength was gone.

Samson was overcome.

He was taken away in chains.

Delilah was paid her money.

Delilah had betrayed him.

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