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These are some stories from the old testament.  There are a lot of interesting stories in the old testament.  If you would like to read a story that isn't here, just write and ask me and I will be sure and add it.

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1. Creation 12. Daniel and the Dream
2. Garden of Eden 13. The Furnace
3. Cain and Abel 14. Daniel and the Lion's Den
4. Noah and the Ark 15. Elijah, TheWidow and the Bread
5. Tower of Babel 16. Wake Up Your god!
6. Coat of Many Colors 17. Joshua
7. David And Goliath 18. Jericho
8. Jonah and the Big Fish 19. Achan
9. Moses 20. Esther
10. Naaman 21. Samson and Delilah
11. Gideon 22. Ruth and Naomi


 Abram to Abraham, Sarai to Sarah Samuel
Deborah Esau and Jacob

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 Samson ... The Beginning Story of Job

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