New Testament
(Christian Scriptures)
A collection of 27 books written in Greek less than 100 years after Christ.  It was written as a missionary handbook.  It proclaims the birth, growth and teachings of the Christian Church.
First 4 called
"The Gospels"
The Acts of the Apostles Peter and Paul
13 EpistleS (letters) from Paul to the Churches and people
8 other letters
I Corinthians
II Corinthians
I Thessalonians
II Thessalonians
I Timothy
II Timothy
I Peter
II Peter
I John
II John
III John
The 4 Gospels
Gospel means "Good News"
The Story of Jesus' Birth, Teaching, Death and Resurrection
-- includes most of Mark (about 1/2)
-- written about 85 A. D. after the fall of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. 
--seems written for Jews to prove Jesus fulfilled prophecies of the coming of the coming Messiah
--earliest and shortest story of Jesus' life
--written about 70 A.D. and published after the fall of Jerusalem
--seems written for Gentiles to present Jesus as Messiah and Son of God
--used by Matthew and Luke.
--written about 75 A.D.
--about 1/3 based on Mark
--provides a chronological
- - seems written for Greek to show Jesus as a universal savior
NOTE: These first 3 gospels are called "SYNOPTIC," meaning "seen with the same eye." They cover the same events.
-- written between 90 and 100 A.D.
--written for INSTRUCTION of early Christian Church 
--presents Jesus as the eternal Word of God who descended from heaven and became man

The Acts
The story of a New Religion

--the only early account of the Christian community
--how it spread from Palestine to Rome, the capital of the
--written about 75 A.D.
-- a sequel to Luke, the 3rd Gospel, and by the same author
--covers first 30 years after Jesus' death
28 Chapters
1st 12
Events in Palestine and Asia Minor

Next 16
Paul's missionary tours to Judea, and throughout the Roman world, up to his imprisonment in Rome

13 Letters of Paul
To churches and people...
Written before the  Gospels...20 to 30 years after Jesus' death.  They are the earliest Christian writings.  There is some question on the authorship of some of the letters 1. Epistle to the Romans
--from Corinth to the Roman 
--to prepare Church for his visit
-- just before final visit to 
-- principal theme:
    relationship between
    Judaism and Christian
about 57-58 A.D.
 2. First Epistle to the -----Corinthians 
--advice to the Corinthian 
    Church on insubordination,
    chastity marriage, etc
-- the Resurrection

about 57 A.D.

3. Second Epistle to the
-- Paul's suffering and 
--warns he will get after evil
    doers on his next visit.
-- collection for poor in 
about 57 A.D.
4. Epistle to the Galations
--concerns Galatian converts to
   Christianity who were
   backsliding to strict Jewish
--true nature of Justification by 

about 54-55 A.D.

5. Epistle to the Epesians
--a letter to a city in Asia Minor
--discusses mystery of salvation
    and the mystery of the 
about 62 A.D.
6. Epistle to the Phillipians
--written when Paul was a 
    prisoner in Rome
--warns against false teachings
--a plea for unity
about 62 A.D.
7. Epistle to the Colossians
 --written to the church at 
    Collossae in highly
    developed Christology

about 62 A.D.

8. First Epistle to the
--written from Corinth on Paul's first visit
--praises the people 
--tells of Christ's second
about 62 A.D.
9. Second Epistle to the
--a follow-up to his first 
--praises the people
--Concerns of expectations 
    of the second coming of
    Christ too soon.
     about 52 A.D.
10. First Epistle toTimothy
 --after Paul's release from his 
    first imprisonment in Rome
 --advice to Timothy about 
    handling wrong ideas

about 62 A.D.

11. Second Epistle to 
--from Rome at time of Paul's second imprisonment
-- asks Timothy to protect 
    community against false
--expresses great love for
about 62 A.D.
12. Epistle toTitus
--written before Timothy 
--advice to young co-workers
   to help them in Christianizing
   the social world

about 62 A.D.

13. Epistle to Philemon
--to Christian whose slave
   Onesimus had run away,
   been converted and 
   was ready to return
--asks Philemon to be
   merciful and express 
   Christian brotherhood

about 62 A.D.

... and 8 other letters
1. The Epistle to the Hebrews
-- author unknown
--God's ultimate word of 

about 66 A.D.

2. The Epistle of James
--probably by a relative of
  Jesus who became head of
  the Church at Jerusalem
--teaches necessity of good
   works to accompany faith
about 62 A.D.
3. First Epistle of Peter
--from Rome to Christian
   churches in ASIA MINOR
--teaches the value of
   Christ's death and
about 64 - 67 A.D.
4. Second Epistle of Peter
-- urges all to be faithful and
--helps build hope for a second
--warns against false teachers
about 100 A.D.
5. First Epistle of John
6. Second Epistle of John
7. Third Epistle of John
--all concern various 
   theological matters

about 100 A.D.

8. Epistle of Jude
-- possibly by brother of James
-- to Christians who had 
     reverted to pagan rituals

about 90 A.D.

and finally...

the Revelation of John

--struggle of Christ and his disciples against Satan and his followers
--defeat of Satan and the ultimate triumph of the kingdom of God.

about 96 A.D.

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